Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This weekend, I was tagged with a "Five things about you" meme from Cooking with Amy hostess, Amy Sherman. I was enormously flattered. I feel I can now admit that I had absolutely no idea what a meme was until this occurrence.

Well, Amy, here it is, just for you. Thank you for taking an interest in little ol' me.

Five (5) things about me:

1. I come from three generations of Disney employees. Scare thought, no? My brother worked the concierge desk at the Disneyland Hotel, answering guest questions in French, Spanish, English and American Sign (the show off). I squeezed oranges while wearing an orange poyester Polynesian-inspired shirt at the Sunkist, I Presume food stand across from the Jungle Cruise ride in Adventureland, then graduated to driving floats in the Main Street Electrical Parade in which, for one night only, I was called upon to don the Goofy costume and drive the main float. My stepmother worked at the Main Street Bank of America in the 1970's and my grandfather was actually hired by Walt Disney himself to paint the backdrops for the least-seen, most-avoided-by-the-politically-correct Disney film ever, Song of the South. Zip-a-dee-do-dah, indeed.

2. When sent to my room for bad behavior as a little boy, I would sometimes take a complete place setting of dinnerware with me and practice setting my desk for a proper luncheon as directed by photos provided in the 1955 edition of Emily Post's Etiquette. Thank you, Funk & Wagnall's.

3. My three least favorite words in the English language are:
a. moist
b. classy
c. slacks
My friends have, on occasion, fashioned sentences using all three words just to make me swoon. My favorite French word is écureuil, which means "squirrel". My favorite Czech word is
zmrzlina, which means "ice cream".

4. Speaking of ice cream... I have a wonderful cousin living here in San Francisco who is an amazing pastry chef. When the chef of a tiny little restaurant I did desserts for (the now-defunct Moa Room) told me my Curiously Strong Mint Ice Cream was named one of the five Best of the Bay ice creams a few years ago, I excitedly called my cousin, who replied, "Really? Mine, too!" Sigh.

5. I have this "thing" (good) about Canadians.

There. You now know five more things about me. I would gladly tag five others, but I don't know that many bloggers out there. Half of those I would tag have already been tagged. The other half just might kill me if I even tried. So, like my family line, this branch of the meme will die with me.

P.S. I have reconsidered. Here are five food bloggers who, to my limited knowledge, have not been called to answer, but whom I would be interesting in knowing a little more about. Please do not kill me.

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Sean said...

Ah, but I have already managed to spill no fewer than eight things about myself. And more leaking out all the time ... :-)